Friday, 12 October 2018

Uniquest 2018 - Management Games

Event: Management Games
6th October, 2018 (Friday, 11.00 – 1.00 pm)

Venue: Seminar hall -2 & Amphi Theatre

Coordinator: Dr. Subhash Sharma

The Management Games competition as part of the Management Fest “UNIQUEST-‘18” was held on Oct. 6, 2018, in which total 68 students participated.  The time period for three games viz. SUDOKU & WORD POWER were two hours,  and students participated in the event. The individuals were allotted SUDOKU & WORD POWER games as part of elimination round with three minutes time for each game. The students were asked to sit in the hall and were asked to answer within the stipulated time. The ultimate goal of any game is to instill the management mantras among students and make them able to handle all situations. Thereafter the winning team played Cup Staking and Goal oriented Ball & Ring game which requires high degree of communication amongst team players, honing problem-solving skills, creativity and instilling faith among the teams and to the best part all were playing and having the skills which may lead them win over others. The games were were enjoyed and played with a team spirit by all the participants. 

Lastly the following teams were declared winner –

1.        First Position – (05) Jai Harkawat FMS , (61) Aman Shrimal PIM , (19) Ritvika Sraghu PIM , (03) Nikhil Jain FMS , (07) Mohit Kumar Dalal MLSU FMS.
2.     Second position –   CODE NO 57 Mohit Jain, (12) Nitin Purbia, (46)Avi Jain –sangam univ., (08) Ritvika Jain FMS, (20) Mudeet Jain FMS