Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Students visit at Bagdarah Nature Park, Udaipur (Adventure Club)

Students visit at Bagdarah Nature Park, Udaipur
(Adventure Club)
8 September, 2018 (Saturday, 10.00- 3.00 pm)

Address: Major District Road 11
Udaipur-313001 Rajasthan, India

Adventure club of Faculty of Management –Pacific University is for students to experience learning in the camp's natural outdoor environment, exploring thrill of adventure by facing the hardships of such kind of experience and in order to quench the thirst of a vagabond instinct to create awakening among students at large regarding protection of wildlife, create sense of utility of forests and to avoid deforestation. To develop the sense of importance of adventure sports in youth, to discover new dimensions in adventure tourism at nearby and far-flung areas.

 A Visit for First semester M.B.A (PU&PBS) students was organised at Bagdarah Nature Park, on 8th Sept, 2018

In the park around 80 students acted independently and enthusiastically enjoyed rides on the Zip-line and the Rope Ways and Tree Walk, it was a lively way to overcome their own fears without any risk (a continuous belay system is in place) also thanks to the variety of levels, each time they could push their own boundaries and reach their own challenges. A Nature park with a Crocodile in a water lake is obvious and fantastic in center. View from the rope course is picturesque. This is a perfect outdoor activity (with individual, physical and mental challenges) for team activity based learning through play which was the basic purpose behind the visit. The Faculty of Management provides its students with exposure to boosts morale and strengthens interpersonal relationships, two key aspects of having a productive, effective team. The students also Trekked on the various Treks and Trails experiencing the lush greenery, narrow and enthralling passes, awe-inspiring terrains, challenging trails and lot more.

 The students were accompanied by -
Faculty Conveners Adventure Club –Dr Ali Yawar Reha , Dr Nidhi Nalwaya &
Dr. Pushpkant Shakdwipee 
Student coordinators-
o   Overall Coordinators-Maan Singh, Manish Dembla,Fatima,Rani Shah
o   Press & Publication- Raghuveer Singh,Pearly Doshi,Meghna Saini
o   Social Media – Nafesa,Farheen,Kapil Suthar,Honey
o   Material Handling & Discipline –MohitKothari,RajatMishra,Maurya,Pratap,Vinita  
     Agrawal,AlkamaBano,Kriti Joshi