Friday, 31 August 2018

Collage Competition( Eco Sensitivity Club)

Event: Collage Competition( Eco Sensitivity Club)
29August, 2018 (Wednesday, 2.00- 3.00 pm)

Venue: Seminar Hall 2(PIM Block-A)

Theme Details: Green India Mission

Faculty Conveners: Ms Nidhi Nalwaya, Mr.Ali Yawar Reha
The Eco Sensitivity Club of the University has taken a host of initiatives to sensitize people about environment consciousness to prepare and organize students’ participation for preservation and conservation of environment.

The Intra college “Collage competition “was held on 29August, 80 students participated in collage creation  based on theme Green India Mission, the theme  includes contemporary topics such as climate change ,organic farming, Agro-Forestry, Envt.Challenges, Ecological Security & Biodiversity .The participants from different colleges  discussed the  creative concept based on  global issues & challenges of Envt . The time period of one hour was scheduled for the same and students in 14 teams of 5 members each, participated in the event. On display was their creative and artistic outpouring on the theme, chart papers were used to design an attractive artwork through the use of scrap papers to create an illustration from bits of newspaper and use of natural greeneries in order to convey the message. 

Judges for the activity- Dr.Madhu Murdia (PIHM)& Ms.Neelima Bajaj(PIBS)
Student coordinators- 

Coordinator-Rashik Tandon
Invitation-Pooja Acharya & Kirit Joshi
Anchoring –Tatvagya Pndya,Alkama Amar,Manish Dembla
Material Handling- SunnyMayank, Anshul, Umendrakumar
Press & Social Media – Kapil Suthar & Suraj Prasad

Winners List -

Name of Students
Name of College
First- Cash Prize (500Rs.) + Certificate
Alkama Bano Amar
Farheen Peepawala
Pearly Doshi
Abhinav Kumar
Nafisa Kurawar
Pacific Institute of management
Second- Cash Prize (300Rs.) + Certificate
Preksha Galav
Divya Joshi
Pooja Yadav
Pacific School of Law
Third- Cash Prize (150Rs.) + Certificate
Rajnandini Panwar
Pacific Science College




Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Three days Orientation program on Management Skills Development

The Faculty of Management, PAHER University organized a three days Orientation program on Management Skills Development for the dental college students from 9th to 11th August 2018. There were 86 students in all who attended this program.

Objectives: The main objectives of the program were –

•To groom and motivate to inculcate the attributes and values of the management professional.
•To develop a sense of commitment towards the profession.
•To develop integrity, transparency, independence and excellence in the profession.

This orientation program had been designed to give the students understand the "big picture" of building basic competencies in management areas to become self sufficient and can establish themselves in the industry or market.

The students were fortunate to hear trainers and faculty members on various management issues learnt to adopt focused and disciplined approach in life for success and gave numerous examples from his long career to make a point.
In the last three days the trainers and the faculty members conducted sessions on -

Sr. no.
Art of Public Speaking/ Business Etiquette
Ms. Neelima Bajaj
10.00 am
12.00 pm
Seminar Hall -1
Be The Best 
Dr. Shivoham Singh
0 2.30
Seminar Hall -1
Positive Attitude
Dr. Pallavi Mehta
10.00 am
12.00 pm
Seminar Hall -1
 The Quiz
Mr. Ali Yawar Reha
0 2.30
Vishveshwaraya Hall
PIT Building
Time Management
Dr. Dipin Mathur
10.00 to 12.00
Seminar Hall -1

12.30 on wards
Seminar Hall -1

Valediction Program –
In the afternoon on 11.8.18 in the valedictory program the students were distributed certificates and prizes of all competition conducted by the trainers during all three days.

The valediction program was graced by the principal Dental College Prof. B.D.Rai, Dean-Faculty of Management Prof. Mahima Birla, Coordinator – Interns Dental College-Dr. Hemant Mathur, Coordinator of the Program was Dr. Subhash Sharma. The program was started with Lamp lighting and Saraswati Vandana and thereafter, the coordinator Dr. Subhash Sharma presented a brief report on the three days activities and sessions and thereafter, Dr. B.D.Rai appreciated students for their creativity and the active participation of students in all activities. And also thanks and appreciated the efforts put in by the trainers and faculty members for organizing this event with dedication and made the students realize the importance of management education.

Prof. Mahima Birla, Dean-FMS, shared a beautiful story and made students realize their potential and how to use appropriately to achieve success. She also invited students to participate actively in all certification and other program being conducted by the faculty of management.

Lastly Dr. Hemant Mathur thanked the Dean & coordinators for organizing this program beautifully .