Sunday, 1 April 2018

Industrial Visit to PIMS Udaipur

VISIT OF MHA students to 

Practical exposure to the theoretical knowledge is must for the grooming of students. 
As such Pacific Institute of Management emphasizes on providing practical exposure rather than just rote memorization. The practical exposure enables the students to apply their learning in the real world. 

The students of Faculty of Management, Pacific University, Udaipur pursuing MHA(Masters of Hospital Administration ) course were taken to Pacific Institute of Medical Sciences, Udaipur to provide them practical exposure of the administrative system practiced in hospitals. 

Dr. Malik Deputy Supervisor in the hospital briefed the students about working of various departments. He also briefed students about how the Plasma & platelet are extracted from the blood & preserved using high tech machines. Students were also given knowledge about the working of ICU & CCU. 

The students found the visit very meaningful & learned a lot through the visit.