Sunday, 1 April 2018

Retail Banking

Retail banking is also known as consumer banking. It is typical mass market banking in which the individual customers and small medium enterprises use local branches of large commercial banks. Retail banking offers various services include -deposits, certificate of deposits, advance loans, mortgages saving and checking accounts, personal loans, debit and credit accounts. 

The portfolio of retail banking comprises of three crucial elements-  credit , deposits , financial services .The banks which are currently focusing on retail banking to avail the business opportunities are-PNB, SBI, HDFC, ICICI, AXIS etc .Retail banking act as an engine of economic growth. 

Technology  is the key driver for retail banking and technology products like ATM , mobile banking,  card products like debit and credit cards help in enhancing the banking business .Impact of retail banking –revenue, saving, home economy, increasing personal wealth and purchasing power, industrial development, employment. Challenges of retail banking -  IT system complication, huge cost of maintenance,   KYC and money laundering, retention of customers.


Certificate Program on ‘How to start and run an Export -Import business’

Pacific Institute of management organized a two day certificate program on How to start and run an Export -Import business’. 

The Program was designed to acquaint the students with the –
  • ·         Business Opportunities in other nations and how to set up a successful International Business.
  • ·         Students were also made conversant with the Procedures & formalities of Export –Import Business.

The Program was attended by 43 participants comprising MBA, B.Tech, M.Tech   & MCA students & few individuals from corporate sector who are seeking to pursue Export-Import Business in future. Dr. Rahul Vyas started the session by giving an introductory lecture on the Export Import Business. The session was followed by Ms. Heena Purohit who made the candidates conversant with the Identification and Selection of International markets & modes of entry to International markets.

The post Lunch session was taken by Mr. P. P. Bhattacharya General Manager (Tempsens Instruments (I) Pvt. Ltd.) who provided knowledge to the students on Essential Documentation requirement for International Business. He also made the students understand the EXIM Policy framework & Export Import incentives & facilities.

The session ended with the session of Mr. Pawan Talesara who created general awareness among the candidates about the Packaging and shipment of cargo & payment gateways for Export & Import Business. The students found the session very meaningful for their professional growth.

Industrial Visit to PIMS Udaipur

VISIT OF MHA students to 

Practical exposure to the theoretical knowledge is must for the grooming of students. 
As such Pacific Institute of Management emphasizes on providing practical exposure rather than just rote memorization. The practical exposure enables the students to apply their learning in the real world. 

The students of Faculty of Management, Pacific University, Udaipur pursuing MHA(Masters of Hospital Administration ) course were taken to Pacific Institute of Medical Sciences, Udaipur to provide them practical exposure of the administrative system practiced in hospitals. 

Dr. Malik Deputy Supervisor in the hospital briefed the students about working of various departments. He also briefed students about how the Plasma & platelet are extracted from the blood & preserved using high tech machines. Students were also given knowledge about the working of ICU & CCU. 

The students found the visit very meaningful & learned a lot through the visit.