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09th International Conference :Track 01

09th International Conference
'Mapping Global Changes in Business, Economy, Society & Culture'
19-20 January 2018 

Track 01 : 1 Strategies for Reshaping Business & Economy

The present conference is an ideal platform for exploring research work, developing an insight related to conference theme i.e Mapping Global Changes in Business, Economy, Society & Culture, an international forum of researcher, academicians, strategist & industry representative who have expertise in the area of business & economy supported. The track theme is Strategies for reshaping business & economy in which 16 papers were presented & 5 invited eminent speakers presented their ideas on recent global changes & framing strategies. Majority of research papers were based on Demonetization, G.S.T, Sustainable Environment Development, FDI, Cashless Economy, Public Health Facility, Breaking Stereotypes in Banking & Services.
The Chairperson Professor Rakesh Kothari elucidated about relevant and contemporary Marketing concepts & strategies and systematic approach both nationally & internationally.
The Keynote speaker for the session Dr. M.V.S Murthy aired his views about Global business trends, corporate governance, the role of developing countries, Economic modeling of international trade et al.
 Mr. P.P. Bhattacharya, the corporate chair of the session addressed on the demographic dividend, global changes & ethical issues.
The   esteemed Rapporteur’s Dr. Archana Kachhara along with Dr. Spriha Jain prepared the report of the papers presented in the Technical Session 1, also 5 online papers were presented via webinar.
The student’s co-coordinator team tirelessly put in efforts actively, to conclude   it was a truly learning session for all the participating delegates, participants & students.

The Faculty Coordinators of this Track was Dr. Pushpkant Shakdwipee and Dr. Nidhi Nalwaya and the Student Coordinators were Nishta Bansal, Jigyasa Walwani, Manohar Singh Solanki, Nirmal Jain, Nikhil Sanadhya, Pooja laddha, Kritika Jain, Shalu Gurnanni.

01. Best Paper of the track:-
Awareness & Perception of Goods & Services Tax (GST) by Chartered Accountant: An Analytical Study

Author with Designation & Affiliation:
Dr. Ravneet Kaur-Assistant Professor, B.N University
Co Author (if any) with Designation & Affiliation:
Dr. Rimpi Saluja-Guest Faculty, UCCMS
Dr. Ritu Soni-Teaching Consultant, UCCMS

2. Best Paper of the track:-
Globalisation & its influential factors: An analysis on India
Author with Designation & Affiliation:
Somnath Das- Part Time Lecturer, Dept. Of Commerce Burdwan Raj College , West Bengal

Technical Session 1
List of Paper presenter

S. No
Author name
Subrata Roy
Impact of Sub-Indices on Global Competitiveness Index: A Panel Data Approach of the East Asia & Pacific Region Countries
Sudarshan Arjun Giramkar

To study the financial inclusion through the digital India programme
Siddha Maloo
Corporate Governance In Foreign  Subsidiary Companies In Line With The International Business Strategies
Somnath Das
Globalisation and its Influential Factors: An Analysis on India

Manoj Chhadwani
Rajni Arora
Analysing The Impact Of Skill India As A Tool For Reshaping Indian Economy

Dr.Archana Kachhara
Udit Varshney
Awareness of Implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) Among College Students’ in Udaipur (Rajasthan)
Pravin S. Gosavi 

The form of diagnostic laboratories impact on marketing practices
Dr.Manisha Lodha
Dr.Ritu  Soni
Dr.Shilpa Verdia
Demonetization: A Push towards Digitalization- A Study of
Udaipur City
Shubhi Dhaker
Satya Narayan Chechani

An Analysis of Impact of GST on Small Scale Industries with special reference to stone, marble and food processing industry
Dr.Shubhi Dhaker
Rupali Visen
Digitalization Strategy for Reshaping Business and Economy: A Case of Manufacturing Sector

Suhas Babasaheb Pakhare
Foreign Direct Investment And Its Impact On Increasing Marketing Need In India

Dr.Nidhi Nalwaya
Nishta Bansal
Demonetization impact on the Digital Finance transactions - A study in Selected Districts of South Rajasthan.

Priyanka Jingar
Potency of Cashless Economy in India

Dr .Ravneet Kaur
Dr .Rimpi Saluja
 Dr . Ritu Soni

Awareness and Perception of Goods and Service Tax (GST) by Chartered Accountant: An Analytical Study
Dr. Shubhi Dhaker
Varun Baya                                                               
Demat Vertical & Its Awareness Among Customers
Dr. Pallavi Mehta
Mr. Bhagirath A Chavda

Medical Tourism: A Study of Impact of Service Quality Standards on Customer Satisfaction

Dr. M V S. Murthy

Dr.. Bhagirath Chawda

Dr. Ritu Soni

Esteemed Dias

Group Photograph

Nishtha Bansal

Ms. Priyanka Jingar

Rupali Visen

Mr. Satya Narayan Chechani

Students Coordinators

Mr. Subrata Roy