Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Induction Programme (10 -19 July,2017)

Day - 1 :Inaugural of the Induction Programme  : 10th July,2017

Faculty of Management of Pacific University has launched its 10 days Induction Program to develop positive attitude among students for a smooth transition to move from campus to corporate culture.

Inaugural session

The Inaugural session of the induction programme started with invoking the goddess Saraswati by lighting the lamp. Prof. Mahima Birla, dean, Faculty of Management, welcomed the new students and motivated them through her thought provoking messages. She concluded by advising the students to work hard and to be punctual, at the end 
she narrated her message through a very inspiring story.

Dr. Shivoham Singh talked about the various Student Development Program, Teaching Pedagogies, and the yearlong achievements of the students and encouraged the students to participate in various activities, Management fest, AIMA etc .

Prof. B. P. Sharma, President, PAHER addressed the students and urged them to be active players in all walks of life. He informed the students about the vision of the Institute and that is to emerge as one of the top management schools .He motivated the students to foresee the coming opportunities in the burgeoning Indian economy and tap them by gaining more knowledge and skill development.

The coordinator of the induction program , Dr Kadambari Jain  briefed the students about the activities and sessions to be conducted in the coming ten  days and in the end the vote of thanks was given by  Dr. Pallavi  Mehta.

The Student conveners of the program were Ms. Pritika Nuwal and Ms.  Namita Sharma .

Ice-breaking Session by Ms. Garima Bakshi

(Corporate Trainer)

The term "icebreaker" comes from "break the ice", which in turn comes from special ships called "icebreakers" that are designed to break up ice in arctic regions. And just as these ships make it easier for other ships to travel, an icebreaker helps to clear the way for learning to occur by making the learners more comfortable and encouraging conversation. Specifically, an icebreaker is an activity designed to help people to get to know each other and usually involves sharing names and other background information.

Energizers and icebreakers are great for team building, getting to know each other, getting people to think about a specific topic, or simply just to wake up a sleepy and tired group.

Icebreakers help set a “safe space” for participants to learn and share.

Ice breakers can be an effective way of starting a training session or team-building event. As interactive and often fun sessions run before the main proceedings, they help people get to know each other and buy into the purpose of the event. So, to shoo away the hesitations of the new comers, the ice breaking session was conducted just after the inauguration by Ms. Garima Bakshi.

        A session on Vision of MBA at B-school by 
                             Ms. Sonia Keswani

Post-lunch session was taken by Ms. Sonia Keswani who is currently working as a Senior Executive in Quality Assurance at Secure Meters Pvt. Ltd, Udaipur having an experience of more than 10 years. She took the session on Vision of MBA at B-School.

Ms. Sonia talked about the fact with the students that getting an education is an important part of success in today’s business world.  She emphasized that in this competitive world  management education can provide you  the better chances of seeking a good job .That’s why getting a Masters of Business Administration(MBA) is so important – education leads to opportunities.

Ms. Keswani concluded that  the three real reasons why an MBA degree is important in the business world are :

1. Increased hiring opportunities
2. Get paid more.
3. Build your network.

When you are studying for a MBA, you are with people from all walks of life, all trying to accomplish the same goal. These are the future leaders in the business world.. The relationships you forge in the MBA classroom will get you into groups and organizations that will certainly benefit your future.
While a B-school provides the MBA students with a solid foundation of human and technical management knowledge and skills, a hallmark of such MBA programs is the opportunity for students to pursue projects and mentored study on issues of their own interest.

She acknowledged that  various pragmatic business practices at Pacific B-School  enable the students to meet the challenges of a fast changing business environment in the new world economic order.