Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Day 4 : 6th July,2017 Session on Business Communication

The  session on “Business Communication” conducted by Asst. Professor (Soft Skills) Ms. Archana Singh

The session was focused on Communication protocols that are essential to make a good first and lasting Impression in the business environment. 

The session covered  Communication skills, Team Building, Leadership Skills , handling performance pressure etc. 

This has developed a greater awareness of good communication skills for effective Optimum use of resources , Time Management, meeting deadlines ,team handling, project execution, idea acceptance, conflict management which ultimately increased students’ poise and confidence. 

The session was completely based on fun activities like River Crossing Challenge and Newspaper Dress Designing. These activities made students to learn with fun. Students were highly excited after learning basic management fundas behind every kind of actions and behavior they have shown during the activities. Students felt a great change in their attitude and  confidence after this prodcutive session.

Dr. Subhash Sharma took a session  afterwards in  afternoon on “Communication & Presentation Skills”. He gave students tips to present in different situation and discussed communication, parts of communication, process of communication in detail & conducted activities to develop confidence and capability to give good presentations and to stand up in front of the audience and speak well. 

He also delivered structural presentations to Increase self - awareness of how one communicates and is perceived by others.