Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Day 3 : Session based on opportunities in the area of Accounting & Finance

The Faculty of Management Studies, PACIFIC University in Udaipur, organized a formal Business Preparatory Programme for the 2017-19 MBA batch. As a part of the endeavor in inculcating a pragmatic approach towards the study of Management functions on 5th July 2017.

The programme has been so designed as to orient the students towards professional culture and to help them acclimatize to the necessary skills required to undergo this programme. 

This is carried out during the intervening period between admission date and commencement of regular sessions. The elementary phase of the Business Preparatory Programme aims at exploring, identifying and fine tuning the managerial instincts within the students.

As a part of this programme, leading Academician and Head of Department (HOD) Dr. Pushpkant Shakdwipee took an effective learning session by sharing his views and experiences with the students, who are to be made familiar with the current scenario in the area of Accounting & Finance.
He further discussed the various methodologies to be adopted by the students to attain top class academic excellence in the field of Accounting & Finance. Dr Shakdwipee touched upon the general financial scenario and multiple opportunities being available to the students in the area of Accounting & Finance. He  motivated the students to adopt the  multiple approaches in their  learning systems which have been initiated in the institute like Case study approach, Advance Excel, Tally, ERP to improve their  Career Options and  enhance  employability with the various  emerging Job prospects in the country.

Dr. Nidhi Nalwaya faculty (Accounting & Finance) discussed the utility and relevance  of  the existing Accounting and Financial  decision-making tools and the potential for improving the businesses through  these  systems  that  are helping  business and Corporate  to make  real time , data-driven  and informed financial decisions. She highlighted the need to develop up to date skills, so as to stand out in the challenging careers that corporate finance, investment management, international finance, financial institutions and financial modeling throw up.  She further stressed on the learning of   analytical, computational and managerial skills to solve the financial problems faced by decision makers.

A host of contemporary topics in Accounting and Finance were discussed with the students in order to develop their understanding of education in finance, involving emerging issues of policies, principles and techniques involved in the financial decisions and portfolio management.
This was followed by a fun filled round of learning the terminologies of Accounting & Finance - a brainstorming session took place in which teams made up of participating students were asked to develop their own startup or company and discuss the probable income & expenses.  

A Crossword puzzle was also put forth in which students had an enjoyable experience. The students had a good learning session along with a lot of fun.