Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Day 2 : Induction Programme (11 July, 2017)

A Session on Mind Mapping 

by Ms. Archana Singh

In Induction Program ,with a view to bring innovation to classrooms and keep students interested, Pacific Institute of Management  introduced its students to the concept of mind map, a tool used to visually outline information through a diagram on paper.

Ms. Archana Singh, Asst. Prof.(Hr & Soft Skills) told about the Mind Mapping that  mind mapping is a revolutionary thinking tool invented by Tony Buzan, which is popularly used by companies and institutions abroad. Through images, colours, associations, a mind map can be used for condensing information, brainstorming, making notes, making to do lists, presentations, memorizing, decision making and revising lessons.

  • The session was designed to be fun yet purposeful for students. 
  • The students of MBA part I participated in brainstorming activity where they were asked to do Group Problem Solving exercises with the help of Mind Maps in limited time. 
  • Students got the opportunity to learn the use of Mind Mapping in Planning and strategy formulation. 
  • Students were motivated to think out of the box and use mind maps to plan , discuss, visualize different solutions to the problem.