Monday, 10 July 2017

Business Preparatory Program

Business preparatory Program
MBA BATCH 2017-19

Induction of the new batch at Pacific has always been an effervescent event as it marks the introduction of the fresh talent into the Pacific family. The young and fledging Pacific Institute of Management opened its doors to a fresh batch of students on 3rd July, 2017 for their Business Preparatory Program.
This is our pioneering unbeatable initiative in entire Rajasthan to start the MBA session in early July. The motive was to give a feel of initiators and leaders to our students and also to provide maximum exposure towards the management learning without wasting any time. We understand that in this competitive scenario even a day’s time lapse would lead to a development loss to the students, which Pacific always keeps in consideration.
The current academic session was opened with Business Preparatory Program, which witnessed the enthusiasm and anxiety among the students. These six days were dedicated towards acclimatizing the students with the culture, values and course outline of Pacific Institute of Management. The program aims to explore and identify the managerial instincts of the students. Various sessions related to Human Resource, Marketing, Finance and Accounting, Communication Skills and IT were taken.

The Programme was coordinated by Dr. Pallavi Mehta and Dr. Kadambari Jain. 

Day 1 

3rd July,2017


The first session was taken by Prof. Harvinder Soni, HOD, Department of Human Resource Management.

The first session was taken by Prof. Harvinder Soni, HOD, Department of Human Resource Management.

The session started with an interaction with the students regarding their areas of interests together with their goals and ambitions in life.

A motivational video was shown to the students to arouse their interest and prepare them for the challenges awaiting them in their coming years.

During the course of the session, emphasis was laid on goal clarity for a successful career.

Then Prof. Soni gave the students an insight on the Employability skills in demand in the job market in the present scenario and ways to develop these.

The employability skills of the students were evaluated by administering an Employability Skills test.

The test enabled the students to discover their areas of improvement for getting, keeping and doing well on the job.

This was followed by a Management Game to develop these skills in the students through learning by fun.


In the second half of the session Prof. Soni focused on the HR papers which the students would study in the two years of their MBA and their relevance in their professional life. 

The students were also made aware regarding the various HR job profiles and the packages drawn by  HR professionals, right  from fresher level to the  level of experienced  professionals. 

The session further focused on the topic of Leadership in which a video of Indra Nooyi’s interview was shown in which she talked about her 5C's model of leaderhip. 

The students were also acquainted with the leadership skills and style of Dhirubhai  Ambani and Narayan Murthi

At the end of the session the students were asked to express their opinion on learning outcomes from the session. 

The students participated in the session with great vigour and enthusiasm.