Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Day 4 : Induction Programme (13 July, 2017)

A session on Situation Briefs
by Dr. Shikha Bhargava & Dr. Subhash Sharma

A session on Situation Briefs was taken by Dr. Shikha Bhargawa &  Subhash Sharma on 13.7.2017 for the new entrants with an aim to analyze the situation given and provide in deft inputs after having discussed with the team members.

There were six teams of seven students each who were given different contemporary situation based briefs to discuss and present their view points on situations  like – Hyundai Motors India repositioning itself as a modern premium brand, Indigo will strike gold if Air India’s global business is sold separately. Is the deal beneficial? Why Apple watches fail in market?, Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali to pivot away branded franchise outlet, etc. 

The students were asked to explain the business model of each and then give their opinion after having discussed and gone through the issue on Google, which all the team members did it amazingly and justified their opinion by giving examples.

This was the first of its kind activity where in the students show their inner zeal and show their team spirit and analyzing skills by providing their opinion  on the issues.

                   A session on  Training & Placements

The Training and Placements Session in the ongoing Induction Programme was taken by Mr. R. Bangar, Chief Convener, Training and Placements.

He started with a key note as to why MBAs = Mobile, Bright, Ambitious. The students were enlightened on why MBA, one of the best-known degrees in the world is on top of almost every student’s “Wish List” these days and deciding to pursue it is a crucial step in an individual’s career. The students were also explained why an MBA degree has become a basic entry-level pre-requisite for any big or mid-sized organization in India.

The students were then informed that Placements is the Core Strength of the Pacific Group. The students were then taken through all the corporate recruiters of 2016-17, who yet again trusted the quality of students; sensing a potential value addition to their respective firms and recruited in large numbers, offering exciting profiles. The students were also appraised that there was a substantial rise in the number of offers made by each company and the average compensation saw a significant increase over the last two years. The students were explained that niche profiles like Relationship Managers, HR Recruiters, Portfolio Managers, Education B2B Marketing, Media and Advertising, Digital Marketing and Financial/ Data Analytics are now being offered to Pacific Students, in line with the changing trends. Sales and Marketing continued to be the most preferred profile with most of the students opting for it and despite the economic slowdown. Finance companies, especially banks and stock broking firms, trusted the quality of students and made large number of offers for roles in Investment Banking, Retail Banking, Equity Research and Portfolio Management in general. Then, a glimpse of the Placement Process was shown to the students.

The emphasis of the entire session was on the need of developing and fine tuning effective communication skills, analytical skills and managerial skills in the students to get good placements in reputed companies.

The students felt exhilarated, since, this was an interactive session where in the students had their first glimpse of the Corporate World.

Day 3 : Induction Programme (12 July, 2017)

A Session on Management Games 
by Dr. Nidhi Nalwaya

Pacific institution of Management conducted Induction Programme for the student of I semester wherein a series of exciting activities were planned for the entire week which included a host of team building games, quiz, and Treasure Hunt.

The first activity for management game was Hulla Hoop Pass to initiate a spate of team building activities like framing strategies, coordination etc. The purpose was to put into practice communication; cooperation and teamwork.  More than 50 students participated in this activity.

The Second activity was “Cup Stacking”  The objective  is to Stack cups in a pyramid shape to improve hand-eye coordination and take it a step further while shooting a rubber band at a small target. Students learned to collaborate, how to solve a problem and persevere to accomplish each challenge. This activity encourages enjoying of physical activity by becoming adapted at stacking; adjusting the difficulty level by changing the stack pattern & strings.  Generally some groups complete the task very quickly while other groups keep on trying to complete the task.

Third activity was “It’s a goal” designed to learn sportsmanship; a highly competitive game wherein participants were divided into multiple teams standing in a sequential form. Each team was given a ball with the goal of getting the ball passed to the end of the team member in the fastest time possible. As the level of complexity increases, the fun turns into serious game that requires real concentration in proof ball pass within d glasses. What starts out as a simple linear sequential activity soon evolves into a powerful learning experience about shared leadership and task management.

All exercises were physically and mentally challenging and designed so as to impact the team at several levels. Team members often experienced  moments of  "process breakdown" thereby  forced to re-group,  and to double their efforts,  often performing  a "gap analysis" between "where they are" and "where they want to be" for the successful completion .

The venue was charged with liveliness and fervor among the students.