Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Workshop On Developing Emotional Intelligence

"Developing Emotional Intelligence:
The Key to Professional Success"
22nd March, 2017

Studies have shown that a high emotional quotient (or EQ) boosts career success, entrepreneurial potential, leadership talent, health, relationship satisfaction, humor, and happiness. Fortunately, whereas IQ is very hard to change, EQ can increase with deliberate practice and training. This happens once we become aware where we need to start from and like this we can start improving the specific areas we need to develop.
In this context a workshop on the theme “Developing Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Professional Success" was organized by the HR Forum, Faculty of management, Pacific University on. The resource person of the workshop was Prof. Harvinder Soni, an expert in the area of OB, Transactional Analysis, Human resource management and Emotional Intelligence with 20 years of academic, research and administrative experience. The Workshop was inaugurated by Prof. Mahima Birla, Dean Faculty of Management who enlightened the participants on the relevance and need of high EQ in the present scenario. 100 students from various colleges of Udaipur and many professionals attended the workshop.
 The workshop enabled the participants to:
·        Become self-aware about their current level of emotional intelligence &discover efficient strategies to improve specific emotional intelligence competencies.
·        Cultivate empathy or the ability to understand the emotional makeup of other people and skill in responding according to their emotional reactions
·        Develop interpersonal skills which indicate the individual's proficiency in managing relationships and building networks
·        Develop skills in responding to criticisms & adversity
·         Learn Leadership strategies for working with others towards shared goals.

The major attractions of the workshop were:-

·     Experiential Learning
·     Focus on developing EQ for success in professional life
·     Practice- based methodology including management games & exercises.