Monday, 24 April 2017



Annual Management Fest

12-13 April 17

The faculty of management pacific university organized UTTARAYAN-2017 -Annual management fest on 12-13 April 17. The two day event started off with the inaugural function on 12 April, which was graced by Dean, Faculty of management Prof. Mahima Birla. In her inaugural speech she emphasized on the value of skills sets that management students should attain to make them more employable and competitive.
The two day mega event was aimed at bringing to the fore—the talent of management student coupled with quest of knowledge and a spirit of fun n frolic. A perfect platform to unleash the potential and showcase the multifaceted aptitude of the students. 
The students gained firsthand experience in management events through planning, resource mobilization and team work. The fest had an exciting and diverse array of activities, ranging from academic to cultural to sports activity. There were total of 11 activities organized across the two days. The events held on the first day were Business Plan, Ad-Zap, Quiz, Fireless Cooking, Business Plan, Ad-Zap, Quiz, and Fireless Cooking. The second day events were Cover Page Designing, Corporate Roadies, Budding Manager, Singing, Dance, Fashion Show n Mr./Miss Uttarayan over the two days.
In addition to these activities on 19 March the sports event was conducted in which various sports and games were played. Total 100 students participated in these sports activity and nearly 200 students participated in the fest spread over two days.
The management game activity garnered the most plaudits and enthusiast the participants. All the activities were equally appreciated and so designed to test not only the team spirit of the participants, but to facilitate communication and help foster creativity and innovation.
This is yet another event of faculty of management which has been managed throughout two days by the collaborative efforts of faculty members, office staff and students under the guidance of dean mam.


Friday, 21 April 2017

India's Biggest tax Reforms: GST
GST is going to boostup  GDP of the country By 4.2 %. as per the US  Central bank it is the biggest tax reforms after the indian indendence can enhance the GDP by 6.5lakh crore which is more than the cental government borrowing. it will also enhance the competitiveness among the indian companies
The GST is also expected to increase international competitiveness of
Indian companies, GST will  improve a over all Indian welfare as think by  economist. growth which is driven by domestic and international trade is also expected to increase trade by 32 %, this will happen due to internal barrier reduction by GST. it will replace the multiple and state taxes with a common single levy in all states in the coming Month of july

Chainless Bike - Worlds First Tungsten Powered Bike. It features a riding position in which the cyclist doesn't sit in the middle of the bike, but is instead perched over its back wheel. The cranks are located on that wheel, which also contains an internal gearing system. Another interesting feature is the Rapid Turning System, which when activated allows the bike's rear wheel to pivot relative to the frame – just like the front wheel does on normal bikes. This makes sharp turns possible. The bike is being made in both regular and folding version. Reference Chainless Bike. Inventor Sean Chan. Watch

Thursday, 20 April 2017

H-1B visa restrictions 

To protect the interest of own citizens of america the president donald trumph on 18 th april tighten the visa norms for skilled workers  of other countries . Australia also moved on the same path later on.earlier the UK also dis the similar action. these countries are the hub for the Indian IT sector companies from long time. now these companies  will hire the local talent   as far as to reduce the cost of delivery due to this action  IT firms can’t afford to have bench and there may be layoffs.A debate is being started at the local level about  this action

China economy on track in first quarter

exports of china  increases  in first quarter. GDP gone to $ 2.63 trillion . the government was expecting  growth of 6.5 per cent but it grew by 6.9 percent. this shows the steady  development in chiense economy , which is the second largest in the world. this happened mainly due to surge in infra investment and exports
As per the sources the domestic consumption is also increased to 10.9 per cent again  a good sign.china was trying to boost up  domestic consumption  so that they can shift  focus of its export reliant economy,.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Prize Distribution Ceremony Of Pacific Staff Premier League 2017

Prize Distribution Ceremony
Pacific Staff Premier League 2017

Prize distribution ceremony of Pacific staff premier league was organized on 11th April 2017. On this occasion various teams of Pacific University staff who gave their outstanding performance in the Cricket tournament organized by the Faculty of Management, Pacific University. A total of 8 teams took part in the event. Under the captaincy of Mr. Akshat Singh Jhala, the winning team was Pacific Hunters. The Man of the Series was Mr. Ajit Singh. The Best Batsman and the Best Bowler were Mr. Abhinav Sharma & Mr. Akshat Singh respectively.
On this occasion, student of MBA IV Semester Mohd Farhan Khan was also felicitated on being selected as the Vice-Captain of the West Zone team in VIZZY TROPHY 2016-17 held in Mumbai, organized by Board of Cricket Control of India (BCCI).
The prize distribution ceremony commenced with the welcome address by Prof. Mahima Birla, Provost, Pacific University & Dean, Faculty of Management. It was followed by the speech by the chief guest Prof. J.P Sharma, Vice-chancellor of Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur. On this occassion, Prof. S.R. Maloo, Dean, faculty of Agriculture released the Pacific Agriculture Calender & enumerated about it. It was followed with the Presidential address by Prof. B.P. Sharma, President, PAHER. At the end, all the dignitaries Prof. J.P. Sharma, Prof. B.P. Sharma, Dr. Hemant  Kothari, Prof. Mahima Birla along with all the Deans & Directors felicitated the winners.