Saturday, 28 January 2017

Pacificians outshine at IIM-Udaipur Audacity-2017

Winners of Fashion Show

Faculty of management Pacific University participated at IIM-Udaipur’s cultural fest Audacity’17 in Fashion Enigma. The flagship cultural extravaganza of IIM Udaipur is the most anticipated festival of Rajasthan. It provides the youth a unique opportunity to participate in some never seen before events and explore their unexplored selves.  The theme of the ramp walk was “Audacity” or “Magic” where the students of the Faculty of Management gave a new vision of beauty to the world. We have been trained to view beauty in certain restricted parameters.  Why can’t dark be the new normal. Black & white have always supplemented each other. So in the era of change we should all come out of our closed mind sets and challenge the preset frontiers of beauty until now. We all are beautiful in our own ways.
There were various teams for the event across the city where the Faculty of management, Pacific University stood as the winner. The Winners were awarded with total of worth Rs. 16,000 in cash & kind. 

The participating students were: Priyanka Sharma, Ankita Mehta, Vijendra Singh Chandel, Vikil dagariya, Piyush Vaishnav, Ajay Joshi, Jyoti Nigam, Payal Kothari, Abhishek Saxena, Akanksha Sharma, Jyoti Nigam and Ruchi Mandowara.

The Faculty Co-Ordinators were Ms. Archana Singh, Ms. Mansi Vyas, Ms. Sini George & Ms. Bhagyashree Chundawat.