Monday, 7 November 2016

Ramp Walk

The Ramp Walk competition turned out to be vibrant and scintillating affair, clubbed with the awesome talent showcased by the students. The authorities and students were leaving no stone unturned to make this inter college event a grand success. The students of Pacific Institute of Management worked really hard. The participants were quite excited about this fest which is an ideal platform for them.

The inter-college Ramp-walk competition witnessed 12 colleges from different states participating with the competition theme ‘Carnival’. The first prize was awarded to Pacific Dental College, Udaipur; while Modi University, Jaipur and Pacific Dental Institute received the second and third prize, respectively.

The competition was judged by Shubastu Daksh Pandey, Leading Fashion Designer, Director and Producer and Bharat Verma, International Choreographer. Everybody spoke very high of the event.

The event was coordinated by Ms. Archana Singh.

The Winners were:

I Prize:            Dipika Malakal
                Inka Hadvani
                Shivani Rupapala
                Srushti Dabhi
                Hitaishi Patel
                Mirali Mashu
                Astha Patel
                Krupa Pandya
                Naishadh Dalal
                Heena Sheikh                   Pacific Dental College

II Prize:           Megha Gupta
                Niharika Lalwani
                Simran Dhingra             Modi University

III Prize:           Rushiraj Jadeja
                Dhruv Vanawat
                Karan Thakkar
                Anushka jhala
                Karishma Patel
                Harshita Shukla
                Damini Rathore
                Akansha Shrivastav
                Shivana Saxena
                Khadija Mohammad              Pacific Dental College