Thursday, 20 October 2016

Face Painting

Face Painting
Face painting activity was conducted in which student teams had to paint a face on the theme of Carnival face mask. Motive behind it was to enhance their creativity innovation, and management skill in the aspects of planning, organizing to complete the task within stipulated time limits. In total 32 students participated in team of 2.
The Judges of the event were:
1. Dr. M.L. Shrimali
    Retd. Professor of Drawing & Painting
    Deapartment of College Education, Rajasthan
 2. Dr. Rajeev Sharma
    Head, Department of Drawing & Painting
    Govt. Postgraduate College

The faculty coordinator of event was Dr. Khushbu Agarwal.

The winner team details are as follow:
First: Harshul Gaur, Saista Khan (Pacific College of Basic and Applied Sciences)
Second: Arche Bhattacharya, Nivedita Pravin(Pacific Dental College)
Third : Ankit Mali, Hemant Sharma(Arya Inst of Eng. Jaipur)