Monday, 24 October 2016


Debate is one of the academic activities that give students creative room to express what they feel. The length and breadth of knowledge that they gain through this is simply unparallel.
The UNIQUEST-’16 Debate competition was held on 28.10.2015. The topic for the debate was “People should be punished for not recycling.” There were 41 participants in all for the event from Jhansi, Lakshmangarh, New Delhi, Bhilwara, Jaipur, Rohtak and Udaipur,Rajasthan etc.
The activity was judged by Dr. B.S.Dashora, Ms. Poonam Vyas and Mr. Sourabh Vyas, soft skills experts.
It was very evident that the teams were well prepared and they used various skills like overstatement, definition, irony etc. to convince the audience. The participants, armed with statistics and data made their arguments more emphatic with their righteous facial expressions, body movement and gestures. All the teams exhibited great oratorical skills but, finally the following three participants were declared winners …….
     I Prize:     Roshan Rai ,         NDIM, New Delhi
     II Prize:     Aditi Chalana ,         Kanoria jaipur
  III Prize:    Vashi Chordia ,         Mody University, Lakshmangarh

The event was coordinated by Dr. Subhash Sharma
The students’ coordinators were – Ms. Nishta Bansal, Mr. Dharmendra Nagda, Mr. Shadab Sheikh, Ms. Leena and Ms. Diksha jain.

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