Monday, 24 October 2016

BEST OUT OF WASTE (Recycle & Rewind)

In the event ‘recycle & rewind’, 25 teams in participated with 2 – 3 members in each team. The students had to use waste material of their choice and create something creative, innovative or useful out of it. Another challenge was given to them. They were given one waste material from the coordinators at the time of registration and they had to incorporate the same in their product. They came out with beautiful and innovative products from the waste. The products ranged from beautiful decorative boxes, to vases from broken bulbs; from beautiful lamps out of paper cups to working fans out of plastic bottles. The judges for the event were Ms. Bhavna Jhala and Mr. Mintu K. Mahato. The faculty coordinator for the event was Ms. Heena Purohit and the student coordinators were Ms. Leena Soni and Mr. Gagan Tyagi.

The winners of the event were –
I Prize:      Barkha & group Sangam College, Bhilwara
II Prize:    Manisha Chhatwani    Pacific College of Agriculture

III Prize:   Hritik Modi & group   Om Kothari Institute