Monday, 24 October 2016

Mind Bend (QUIZ)

In the power packed event of Uniquest 2016 where various academics and co-curricular event took place, an event full of knowledge mixed with fun was held on the first day of the Uniquest 2016.

MIND BEND named quiz was conducted where overall 53 teams participated out of which only 10 teams were qualified for the main event which was done through a MCQ's. an questionnaire of 20 questions were given which has to be completed in time span of 15 MIN.
after that 3 rounds of quiz were conducted in which FIRST round had 2 parts in which part-A was based on "aptitude test" and part -B was on "Identify the personality".

SECOND ROUND had some audio in which students had to identify, the product that is related to that sound and in 

THIRD ROUND a bundle of 5 questions were given to participants which they have to answer in 30 seconds only

marking system includes negative marking and double the marks on getting complete correct answers. 

finally, three teams reached the top 
 whose names and scores are as follows:

I Prize:     Abhishek          Sangam Bhilwara

II Prize:    Aftab Ali            Pacific College, Chitrakoot Nagar
          Lavish Chittora
III Prize:   Divyanshi         Pacific College of Basic & Applied Science


Debate is one of the academic activities that give students creative room to express what they feel. The length and breadth of knowledge that they gain through this is simply unparallel.
The UNIQUEST-’16 Debate competition was held on 28.10.2015. The topic for the debate was “People should be punished for not recycling.” There were 41 participants in all for the event from Jhansi, Lakshmangarh, New Delhi, Bhilwara, Jaipur, Rohtak and Udaipur,Rajasthan etc.
The activity was judged by Dr. B.S.Dashora, Ms. Poonam Vyas and Mr. Sourabh Vyas, soft skills experts.
It was very evident that the teams were well prepared and they used various skills like overstatement, definition, irony etc. to convince the audience. The participants, armed with statistics and data made their arguments more emphatic with their righteous facial expressions, body movement and gestures. All the teams exhibited great oratorical skills but, finally the following three participants were declared winners …….
     I Prize:     Roshan Rai ,         NDIM, New Delhi
     II Prize:     Aditi Chalana ,         Kanoria jaipur
  III Prize:    Vashi Chordia ,         Mody University, Lakshmangarh

The event was coordinated by Dr. Subhash Sharma
The students’ coordinators were – Ms. Nishta Bansal, Mr. Dharmendra Nagda, Mr. Shadab Sheikh, Ms. Leena and Ms. Diksha jain.

Bottom of Form


The event Dub smash which means messaging through Video presentation was organized on 29 September 2016 in which Five Teams participated. The event Started a month Ago where Students Were Supposed to upload videos online and selection was done on the maximum likes. After that All the Videos Were Presented for the Judgment.

The Event was Coordinated by –Dr Khanilka Choudhary.

Judge-Dr. Sanjay Jain (Guest Faculty UCCMS)
Student Coordinator- Jyoti Nigam
                 Priyanka  Sharma
                      Payal Kothari
                      Ajay Kumar Joshi

Winners of the Event Were :

Gulam Rasool Khan    Leo College Baswara
Evan Quazi

Stage for Share (Adzap)

The event of Adzap, conducted on the first day of first half on 28th
September 2016, under the national management cum cultural fest of
Uniquest 2016, organized by Faculty of Management Studies, PAHER
University. The overall event had an Adzapi touch, filled with new and
innovative ideas of selling and marketing very exquisite real and
imaginary products and services. The event hosted by the student
coordinators received huge participation and response and progressed
under the guidance of faculty coordinator, Dr. Shikha Bhargava. The
main chief guests and judges of the event were Ms. Nivedita Manish and Mr. Jaideep Jhanwar. The event remained one of the most sought after event of the day. 24 teams from pan India participated.

The winners were as follows:
I Prize:                Gaurav Sharma           NDIM
                   Roshan Rai
                   Sonali Joshi
                   Prachi Sharma

II Prize:               Nikita Sisodiya             Kanoria College Jaipur
                   Vaishnav Vijay
                   Bipasha Balva
                   Divya Mundra
                   Aishwarya Bishnoi   
III Prize:              Amit Choudhary            SKIT Jaipur
                   Ankit Singh
                   Akshat Gupta



Dalal Street

The event “Dalal Street” Virtual stock broking was conducted on the first day of Uniquest, 2016 at Pacific Institute of Management, PAHER University. In that event total ten teams were participated from various colleges such as G.B.Panth Allahabad, GLS Ahmedabad, PBS Paher University, Leo College Banswara, Sangham University Bhilwara, and two teams from each college of Prestige Institute of Mgmt. & Research Gwalior, Aishwariya College Udaipur. Each team consists of two member and they have allotted one hour and virtual cash of rupees One Crore. Every team has to purchase or sell the script from BSE Sensex on the basis of current day market. 

Team has to buy or sell their desired script on intraday basis and the result was declared on the basis of highest profit percentage gained by the company. Results are as follows:

The event was coordinated by : Mr. Narendra Chawada.

1.     Harsh Patel (GLS college Ahmedabad)
2.    Kaushal shah (GLS college Ahmedabad)

Runner up:
1.     Neeraj Deewaniya (Aishwariya college, Udaipur)
2.    Heena Ognawala (Aishwariya college, Udaipur)

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt activity was conducted in which student teams had to search a hidden treasure through a series of clues hidden all across the college campus. Motive behind it was to edify students how to improve their observation skills, improves student’s management skill in the aspects of planning, organizing, controlling and leading, enhances student’s communication skills, self-confidence to be effective managers and lastly to enhance student’s problem solving skills to prepare them to overcome any possible challenges encountered when managing an event. In total 44 teams participated out of which 8 teams qualified the screening round.

The winner team details are as follow:
First: LEO College, Banswara

The faculty coordinator of event was Dr. Dharmesh Motwani

Rock The Beat (Song)

Faculty Coordinators: Dr. Nidhi Nalwaya, Mr. Ramesh Modi
Non-Teaching Coordinator: Ms. Surbhi Jain
Student Coordinators: Urwashi Hinger, Harshad Dungarwal,Abhishek Toshniwal, Alka Chauhan, Shilpa Bhavsar, Akansha Jain , Amit Dani

Rock The Beat (Song competition) was organized as part of the Uniquest 2016 cultural program on 29 Sept., 2016. A total of 150 students comprising of 56 in solo competition and 12 groups in the Group Song Competition, from various universities across the nation participated in the song competition. The participants put forth an enthralling performance in both Solo as well as Group Singing.

The competition was adjudged by the supremely talented music Mentors from The Sangeet Academy - Ms Nidhi Saxena and Ms. Shalini Bhatnagar. The occasion was graced by the esteemed presence of the Dean FM. The competitors rendered a variety of songs, their melodious voices and beats engrossed the audience to a great extent. The audience participated enthusiastically and provided great support to the participants. .  All the young maestros who took part in the competition made the competition a great success. All of them performed to their superlative degree. The winners were well appreciated by the judges.

Solo Song
Ist Prize:               Ria Joshi             Darshan Dental College
II Prize:                Parichay             Aishwarya College
III Prize:               Shubham Soni           Leo College Banswara

Ist Prize:               Aftab Ali            Pacific Commerce College
                             Inayat Hussain
                             Jenish Maru
                             Lavish Chittora
II Prize:                Parichay            Aishwarya College

III Prize:               Abhinav Sharma
                             Ayushi Sharma
                             Anshul Nahar

                             Muskan Kothari        Sangam Bhilwara

BEST OUT OF WASTE (Recycle & Rewind)

In the event ‘recycle & rewind’, 25 teams in participated with 2 – 3 members in each team. The students had to use waste material of their choice and create something creative, innovative or useful out of it. Another challenge was given to them. They were given one waste material from the coordinators at the time of registration and they had to incorporate the same in their product. They came out with beautiful and innovative products from the waste. The products ranged from beautiful decorative boxes, to vases from broken bulbs; from beautiful lamps out of paper cups to working fans out of plastic bottles. The judges for the event were Ms. Bhavna Jhala and Mr. Mintu K. Mahato. The faculty coordinator for the event was Ms. Heena Purohit and the student coordinators were Ms. Leena Soni and Mr. Gagan Tyagi.

The winners of the event were –
I Prize:      Barkha & group Sangam College, Bhilwara
II Prize:    Manisha Chhatwani    Pacific College of Agriculture

III Prize:   Hritik Modi & group   Om Kothari Institute