Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Thrilling Games

A pretty broader concept of education surpasses the walls of a classroom. The 21st century education is progressively paving a new way of education which focuses on emotional learning, psychomotor skills and reasoning.
We focus on the overall development of a student and to fulfill these objectives we need to impart a balance between curriculum, books, syllabus and co-curricular activities.
A management game is basically an application of management concepts, it helps the budding managers to learn dealing with various situations at work place, be it development of awareness, development of analytical skills and developing the ability to take decisions.
To let the students experience this, a session of Management games was organized on 27 august, which was during the Utkarsh Event.
The students were divided into two groups, the first game played by team 1 was Jump in Jump Out, the students were made to stand holding hands in a circle, facing the centre, a group jumps in, out, left or right of the circle in synch with the instructions. The students followed the instructions and completed the tasks; their points were counted as they did any mistake.

Benefits of the game were

  • Hilarious energizer
  • Triggers tons of laughter
  • Simple to explain, difficult to accomplish

A good energizer is easy-to-explain, gets people moving, and hopefully induces some laughter. The second game was Walk / Stop which fits all of those criteria and serves as a great way to warming -up a crowd. Students were told to follow simple commands. The first two: were “walk” they started walking around the space. When we said “stop,” they stopped where they are. The commands were switched and further commands were added.

The winners were

1.   Ankita Mehta

2.  Priyanka Sharma

3.   Ajay joshi

4.  Payal Kothari

5.   Abhishek saxena

6.  Girish saini

7.  Surbhi jain

8.  Srishti masta

The third was a human knot game, a good team building exercise. The goal is to figure out how to untangle human knot without letting go off hands.

Groups of six students were made , each member sitting facing each other, they were told to hold hands of each other keeping In mind that no one holds hands of person standing beside him , and no one person can hold the two hands of the same person. Now the aim was to untangle themselves without leaving the hands.

Activity conducted by: - DR.POOJA DEVIJA and DR. NIDHI NALWAYA

The winners were

1st position

1.   Devi dutt saini

2.  Ruchi mandora

3.   Vikil

4.  Purvi Sharma

5.   Rohit jain

6.  Pooja jain

2nd position

1.   Suraj singh rathore

2.  Girish saini

3.   Prem choudhary

4.  Vijendra singh

5.   Kaushik

6.  Abhisjhek Mishra