Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Industrial Visit

Industrial Visit
Sangam Industries

Industrial Visit was carried out at Sangam Industries Bhilwara on 24th August , 2016 for third semester students. Sangam's Textile Industries at Bhilwara, Rajasthan is one of the largest and most modernized industries in the country. The Group's Spinning division is ranked amongst world's largest PV Dyed yarn industry. Sangam is distinctly known for shepherding a new era in fabrics. The flagship brands 'Sangam Suitings' and 'Sangam Denim' are the most trusted brands of premium textiles in the Country.
The purpose behind the visit was to make students aware about how different actions related to human resource, marketing  are carried out in company and give them feel of managers as  they have started there MBA course.

 The Industry is located in the outskirts of Bhilwara. In the industry the students were guided by Mr. Sushim Kabra Vice President (IR) &Mr. Awasthi and an orientation of industry was given by them. After the orientation all the students were headed by Mr. Awasthi who helped them to understand how production of yarn and the dying process.

It took almost an hour to visit the industry which was followed by questions of students. Students got a chance to transfer their theoretical knowledge to practical implication. The students were accompanied by faculty members Mr. R.P. Shrimali and Ms. Ritumbara Trivedi , Ms. Sini George and Mr. Jinendra Vyas &Mr. Chandresh Soni.