Monday, 29 August 2016




Event Overview:
The participants were given two topics to choose from for declamation. The event initiated with the briefing of participants with rules of declamation. The participants were given 4+1 minutes of time to speak on their topic of choice.
The participants spoke with great vigor and enthusiasm on the topics of their choice. Their views sparked stimulating thoughts in the minds of audience who were equally cheerful throughout the event.
At the end of event, our esteem judge Mr.R.P.Shrimali ji addressed the gathering about intricate of public speaking and art of declamation.
The results were announced and prizes were distributed to the winners.

Faculty Coordinator: Mr. Jinendra Vyas & Dr. Bhargavi Saxena

Judge: Mr. R. P. Shrimali
Number of participants:  10
1st Prize: Ria Ojha
2nd Prize: Ria Dutta

3rd Prize: Rajab Ali & Mariom