Friday, 15 July 2016

Induction Programme Day 4

Session on Value and Attitude of Growth by Mr. Anupam Bhargava
The first session on the fourth day was taken by Mr. Anupam Bhargava, FreeLancer Trainer, Advisor - Rajasthan Vidyapeeth. He excellently presented his ideologies of being rational which really impressed and inspired the students. Students were taught by Mr. Bhargava that rationality is in one’s self interest because the only way to achieve desired outcomes is to act according to reality and it does not mean being a perfectionist in one's thoughts and ideas
The students found it to be a stormy and dynamic session.

Session on Grooming and Etiquette by Ms. Garima Kapoor
Being the students of a professional course, it becomes mandatory for the students to learn about proper grooming and business etiquette as very soon they will be joining the corporate world. For their overall grooming and learning, the next session was taken by Ms Garima Kapoor Bakshi, a personality development trainer. She explained the students that how one looks, dresses & presents himself speak volumes about one’s approach towards world. Overall, the session was held to introduce students to business etiquette and grooming and familiarize them with dress and grooming in a formal set up.
They were explained the importance and the use of courtesy and explained the use of time, space and things in the world of work.