Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Induction Programme Day 2

Session on Training and Placement by Mr. Ravindra Bangar

Beginning with the second day, the morning session on Training and Placements was taken by Mr. Ravindra Bangar, Chief Convener, Training and Placements. He started with a key note as to why MBAs = Mobile, Bright, Ambitious. The students were briefed why deciding to take an MBA, one of the best-known degrees in the world and on top of almost every students “Wish List” these days; is a crucial step in an individual’s career. The students were also explained why an MBA degree has become a basic entry-level pre-requisite for big and mid-sized organizations in India. The students were then informed that Placements is the Core Strength of the Pacific Group. The students were then taken through all the corporate recruiters of 2015-16 who yet again trusted the quality of students, sensing a potential value addition to their respective firms and recruited in large numbers, offering exciting profiles. The students were also appraised that there was a substantial rise in the number of offers made by each company and the average compensation saw a significant increase over the last year. The students were explained that niche profiles like Relationship Managers, HR Recruiters, Portfolio Managers, Education B2B Marketing, Media and Advertising, Digital Marketing and Financial/ Data Analytics were offered in line with the changing trends; Sales and Marketing continued to be the most preferred profile with most of the students opting for it and despite the economic slowdown, Finance companies trusted the quality of students and made large number of offers for roles in Investment Banking, Retail Banking, Equity Research and Portfolio Management in general. Then, a glimpse of the Placement Process was given to the students. The session was concluded with a motivational video – “Good to Great”. The students felt exhilarated since this was an interactive session where in the students had their first glimpse of the Corporate World.

A session on Mind Mapping by Asst. Prof. Archana Singh
In the second half of the induction program, with a view to bring innovation to classrooms and keep students interested, Pacific Institute of Management  introduced its students to the concept of mind map, a tool used to visually outline information through a diagram on paper. Archana Singh, Asst. Prof.(HR& Soft Skills) told about the Mind Mapping that  mind mapping is a revolutionary thinking tool invented by Tony Buzan, which is popularly used by companies and institutions abroad. Through images, colours, associations, a mind map can be used for condensing information, brainstorming, making notes, making to do lists, presentations, memorizing, decision making and revising lessons.
The session was designed to be fun yet purposeful for students. The students of MBA part 1 participated in brainstorming activity where they were asked to design a DIY Toy car with provided material in limited time. Students got the opportunity to learn the use of Mind Mapping in product designing and strategy formulation. Students were motivated to think out of the box and use mind maps to plan the new product for the company.

Role Play Activity by Ms. Mansi Vyas and Ms. Sini George

Just after the lunch, ROLE PLAY activity was conducted to help students understand the different organizational situations and inculcate in them how to deal with such situations. The students performed role play in teams divided on the basis of organizational aspects like Stress Management, Time Management, Handling Dissatisfied Customers, Team work, Work life balance, Conflict Management, Motivation in employees, Managing cultural diversity, etc.

The activity was coordinated by Ms. Mansi Vyas & Ms. Sini George and the best 3 teams adjudged as winners.

Alumni Interaction with Mr. Gurvinder Singh

In the afternoon session, the institute arranged an Alumni interaction in which Mr. Gurvinder Singh , Branch Head for Agri business development for Adani Ports , Rajasthan who motivated students by giving tips to how to get success in the corporate world. He also shared his learning when he himself attended classes in Pacific.