Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Uttrayan'16 Management Games

Life becomes bliss with adventure, thrill and excitement as these help to make one feel exuberant and energetic. With this motto, Pacific Institute of Management organized a three day cultural fest – which not only rejuvenated the students but also contributed to foster their personal development . On the second day of the fest, the event –Management Games was organised by DR. POOJA DEVIJA and DR. KULVINDER KAUR The onset of management games was enriching and filled with enthusiasm. The Management Game-Hit the Target focused on inculcating team spirit among the students-the most important requirement to achieve high targets. Students in this game participated in a team of four and out of 20 teams Devidutt and his team secured the first Position and Vikil and his team secured the second position. The second Management Game- Find the Match focused on teaching the students importance of time management and quick and timely decisions. Students in a team of four were given few words and in span of one minute they were required to find a team having opposites of those words. Learning with fun was very effectively achieved through this management game.                                                                          Deepika Labana, Anjali Mathur, Ahmed Faraz,Tripti Shukla, Shahrukh Khan, Prakash Kumar, Nishant Jain, Jitendra Singh, Mamta Sharma and Vishal Singh secured the first position in this management game and Saloni Jain,Nitesh Kanwar,Pooja Jadeja,Priya Sanadya,Govind Singh,Mukesh Singh Rana,Poonam Chaudhary and Lasam Kumar secured the second position.                                                                                 In the third management game- TIC TAC TOE , diagnol or straight lines using the scarfs were to be created by the teams in the circles. The game was played by two teams at a time. In the game Mamta Sharma, Deepika Labana, Jitendra Singh and Shahrukh Khan secured the first position and Ruchi Mandawara, Sonal Jain, Yash Chittora, Asif Trivedi secured the second position.
Students put up a spectacular show in the activity-management games and each student got a platform to discover his innate talent. The entire activity was co-ordinated by the team of Student’s coordinators- Mohit Jain, Purvi Sharma, Virendra Pal Singh, Divya Purohit, Arfan Mohammed, Damini Shrimali, Deepshikha Bhati, Farhat Khan Priyanka Nahar and Renu Samar. The exhilarating activities made everyone elated and filled the students with gaiety.