Monday, 18 April 2016

Uttrayan'16 Debate

Debate competition was held at LT-4 in Pacific Institute of Management on 5th April 2016.
The honorable guests (Judges) of this event were Dr. Tina Jain, Assistant Professor of Guru Nanak College & Dr. Manisha Choudhary, Lecturer of Residency School
The event was hosted by Mr. Naman Kumar Pandya & Ms. Ankita Chandaliya. The debate topic was “Social media, curse or boon for Management Students”. Some of the participants spoke in favor of the motion and some in against.
The activity came to the end by presenting mementos to the judges by Dr. Sachin Sharma.
1. Syyed Tansif Ali
2. Naman K. Pandhya
3. Poonam Choudhary
I Akanksha Jain

II Kriti Sharma