Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Business Preparatory Program 2018 (19th - 22nd July 2018)

The Pacific Vision articulated, it was a time to translate it into “doables” and the Pacific University started its Business Preparatory & Induction Programme 2018.

Further with rounds of consultation with experts, academicians and industrialist, the students began to tread on a new learning pathway. The students would enjoy the first mover advantage in the state being the first batch to begin its session in the month of July – 2018

As competition in the corporate world is increasing day by day, the potential in every sector is growing at a fast pace, but the only problem is of managing these sectors in an effective and efficient manner, and leading them in the right direction. So, good managers are in high demand:- We at Pacific take this responsibility.”

The mixed bag  of excitement of joining a new institution, nervousness of facing a new environment, the curiosity of learning something new and hesitant faces, all this and more could be clearly seen  on the  faces of the new Incumbents, on the first day of induction week.

A three days Business preparatory programme was held with an intention to brief the students about the road map to be pursued in the upcoming two years. 

Day 1: Students were made introduced to the various department of an organisation

On the very first day and were synergise with the intricacies of functionalities of these department. The resource person on first day were:

Dr. Shivoham Singh: he throw light on MBA & Its need in the Industry

Prof.Pushpakant (Finance)/Dr. Shikha(Marketing): They introduces with the Syllabus, Departments & Specializations.

Dr. Nidhi Nalwaya: New joiners were taken to the campus tour so that the students may get aware of various departments of the university.

Day 2: Some very spellbinding session were conducted on this day 

Analysing Management Education Readiness: by Esteem Prof Dipin Mathur. He made the student realise the importance of management in every aspect of his life.

Good to be Great-by Captain  Piyush Sinha

Why we are different from others?-by Dr Subhash Sharma

Day 3: The student went for an Industrial trip to Peacock Industry Pvt Ltd.

The preparatory sessions  already raised a spark in the students  and the forthcoming interactions of the induction program will give a kick start to their professional career.